Scott Springer

Humor is bacon and eggs without the cholesterol.

Public Service Announcement

Don’t use draino in galvanized waste plumbing. You’ll create a hair monster. While you sleep, it will rise from the depths and touch you on your shoulder.

Old enough

  • to remember life before ranch dressing. Them was the dark ages.
  • to remember life before Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oh those 11 herbs & spices.
  • and to remember life after Kentucky Fried Chicken too. Miss you, 11 herbs & spices.


  • Mayonnaise with sweet chile sauce and a touch of Tapatio on top is my go-to fusion cuisine.
  • During the early days of the pandemic, I was one of the first to brave the McDonald’s drive thru. There was no line. In and out in record speed. Good times.
  • I must be hungry while I'm writng this.